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Labor Day - Catfish Derby
Congratulations to the Friends of Shawnee Labor Day Weekend Kids Catfish Fishing Derby! The winning catfish weighed 9 lb 7 oz and was 2 ft 3 in long. The 1st place fisherwoman was 6 yr old Kinley Minick from Mt Pleasant. Second place was taken by Kinley’s older brother Ayden Minick who is 15 yr old. Ayden caught a 5 lb 7 oz catfish that was 2 ft even. Third place was taken by 5 yr old Cyndi Oster of Hyndman, with a 9 oz, 10 in catfish. The Minnick family camped at Shawnee over the weekend and went night fishing while they were enjoying the park. (Dad can be seen in the photo holding Kinley’s fish.)
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